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Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a breath of fresh air in the stale air of Food Shows.   We are a restaurant startup show that isn’t so much about the food, but more about the experience of the people who have the vision to create unique food for people to eat if they choose to dine there.  

There is a lot of difficulty in starting a new business, and in the food service industry it is extremely difficult.  Restaurants have somewhere between a 60-90% failure rate depending on the study you look at within the first year and the odds don’t get much better the second year.  This makes it very difficult for anyone to stay in business after they have made the leap of faith and opened their doors to the public.

At Fresh Start we would like to give these new startups a chance to tell their stories and what makes them unique among the rest of the culinary world.  We want to see startups grow and thrive in this difficult business industry.  Our focus is on local people and local restaurants, not the national chains.  We want the story behind the food; we want the who, the why, and the what in the world made you think that was a good idea.

What you will not see is a host (in fact you won’t see a host anywhere) eating the food and declaring it great, or the best they ever had.  Why you ask?  Well quite frankly, it’s boring and redundant, and it adds nothing of real value to the show.  Taste is subjective and quite frankly just one person’s opinion.

So come along with us at Fresh Start on a journey through what it takes for owners and/or chefs to succeed in the restaurant business.

Current Episode

Episode Synopsis

On this episode of Fresh Start, we find ourselves still looking for food gold in Oakhurst, California.   I think we have hit the motherlode with a gentleman and his wife that traded the big city for a place in a small mountain community.  Is it me, or am I seeing a trend?  Authentic Japanese food on a food truck and in a small mountain setting; YES PLEASE!  Chef Yuji Matsumoto is the first accredited Sake Sommelier in the United States and the owner of Matsumoto Samurai’s Kitchen.  So join us as our journey around Oakhurst continues along the highway to Yosemite.


Previous Episodes

Episode Synopsis

And we’re back!!!  On this episode of Fresh Start we stop in Oakhurst at a local distillery to sample some small-batch craft distilling (Hard Liquor) and eventually we might even make it to Yosemite.

Episode Synopsis

In this first episode, we interview the owners of the Wafflicious food truck in Fresno.